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WI-FI of Intelligence. Alchemy of Space!

15 - 17 September 2017. Carpatheans, Ukraine

Thousands of people share information, news, recipes, and contacts of competent professionals. We will share with you an effective method that has proven to be a “magic wand” in daily life. Years-long experience in one intensive week!

Why to Sign up for This Training?

  • Do you like developing and learning about yourself?
  • Are you open to new knowledge and like-minded people? 
  • Are  you willing to understand the principles of magic and healing, and begin to apply these in everyday life?
  • Do you want to have an active rest and touch magic in Ukrainian Carpathians?

Then join us, discover yourself, sign up for the training today!

This Training will Help You:

  • Rest physically, get inspired emotionally and “sharpen up” mentally;
  • Reopen yourself and come to better understand your internal world and external environment; 
  • Get equipped with excellent psychological and spiritual tools to bring your life in order;
  • Build deeper and warmer relations with others;
  • Resolve conflicts arising at work and at home more effectively.

Additional Bonuses for All Participants:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Book "Learning to Walk" by A. Palladin
  • Personal Consultation + Healing Session

Training Program



  • Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis.
  • Development of civilizations (Lemurian, Atlantean, Aryan).
  • Perception system of man: etheric, astral, mental bodies, aura and biofield. Biofield of a healthy and ill person.
  • How the energy exchange between people takes place (illustrations).
  • Places of force.
  • Chakras, partitions, Kundalini.
  • What is healing and who is a healer? Types of healing.
  • What is meditation? Exercise on developing the sensitivity of hands.


  • Exercises on developing the hands sensitivity.
  • Alignment technique.
  • Learning the technique of entering in space, sense-knowledge. The method of self-examination.
  • The ancient mystery of discovering the dwarf.
  • Meditation.



  • Ether. Damages of the etheric field of man.
  • Astral plane, Astral traveling.
  • Curses and hexes. Astral parasites and the method of protection.
  • Delusion. Maya. Illusion.
  • How to dissipate delusion.
  • Safety measures if working with the chakras, astral flights, and places of force.
  • Introduction into Interactive Magic of the Middle Ages and modern Mental Magic.
  • Telepathy. Types of telepathy.
  • Destiny / Predestination.


  • Interactive Magic of the Middle Ages. Practices of rolling out an egg, pouring wax, cleaning candle.
  • Exercise on the development of the sensitivity of the hands
  • Alignment technique.
  • Group meditation.



  • Museum of Hutsul magic.
  • Museum of a Huzul life, ethnography and musical instruments named AFTER Roman Kumlyk.
  • House-Museum of the film "shadows of forgotten ancestors".
  • Walking tour.
  • Master class in pottery, wood carving, etc. (to be agreed with masters)

As an alternative:

  • An excursion to the place of force "Pysannyi Kamin" (Painted Stone).



The sunny and cosy recreation Center "Perlina Karpat" (Germ of Carpathians), 127 km from the Ivano-Frankivsk city, Ukraine (48.15783 / 24.83798), is waiting for us.  Fresh forest air and wonderful nature will fill our bodies with pure psychic fluids and will give us esteem and joy.  

We will be living in comfortable and spacious 2-bedded / 3-bedded rooms * of the cottage with hot water, Wi-Fi Internet access. We will taste the Ukrainian cuisine (vegetarian and with meat/fish on request) and touch local culture.

The link on the video tour of the "Perlina Karpat" recreation center is here.


Estimated cost:

Participation fee - 100 EUR per person (if paid till 15 August) and 140 EUR (paid after 15 August). Accommodation and meals, transfer from/to Ivano-Frankivsk, tours are paid separately.


Accommodation -  3-4 EUR per night per person;

Meals - 4-5 EUR per day;

Master classes - app. 12-20 EUR per master class (from the group).

Local museums - 1-2 EUR per person.

Transfer from/to the venue from Ivano-Frankivsk - 30-50 EUR (from the group) per side.

Transfer from/to the venue from Lviv - app. 100 EUR (from the group) per side.


Reservation: Payment of participation fee + 30% of accommodation costs

Reservation takes place after a short Skype-meeting. In case of your cancellation the accommodation reservation fee is not returned. Participation fee returned minus money transfer fees.

*It is possible to live in single room if required. Price to be negotiated. Usually - 8-10 EUR per night.



This practical Training is organized by and conducted in conjunction with the Laboratory of the Institute of Planetary Synthesis in Dnipro region, Ukraine. We are a team of like-minded people, who want to make life here on Earth more intelligent, brining more light on the acute and popular issues in Esoteric Sciences, and synthesizing esoteric / magical / occult work with that of everyday life.

Our principles are:

  • Transparency
  • Non-harm attitude
  • Respect for other opinions, cultures, religions etc.
  • Openness for cooperation for common good.


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Manager, Translator

- Theosophist; - Co-founder of the IPS Labs Dnipro; - Minister at ULC; - Writer, author of the book "Learning to walk"; - Researcher of practical magic and esoteric sciences; - Translator of the Training.


Life Coach

- Co-Founder of the IPS Labs Dnipro; -Practical Occultist; - Minister at ULC - Esoteric Healer with 25 years of experience; - Instructor in energy practices; - Landscape- and story-telling therapist; - Organizer of the Hiking Club.


Victor Perevalov

President, Association "World through Culture", Odessa
I've known Anton since ten years by now, when we first met in Blavatsky Museum in Dnipro. He's an open person with a right spiritual setting, and his transformation techniques in my opinion go in line with Raja-Yoga teaching. Wishing best of luck for the upcoming training!


Head, Theosophical Center "Proteus"
The method promoted by Mrs. Olga Zuy and Anton Palladin is a very efficient one. Ever since learning about it some five years ago I rediscovered myself and began a new chapter in my spiritual development. Many thanks for your assistance, friends!

Tatyana Markova

Educator at kindergarden, Artist
I learned about the method of alignment some one month ago. Every day in the morning I work with this technique. As a result, I began to notice that I could stay in a good mood all day long. And three weeks later I saw that asthma attacks have become rarer.

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In case of questions write us using Facebook, or call +380 95 781 3372 (Viber, WhatsApp) - Anton.

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